• Digest Of Events For 2009-10-14 02:21:10
  • This bed is warm and comfortable and it's cold and raining out. I think I'd like to stay right here but I can't. 05:11:43
  • Going to take the later bus this morning. 07:05:19
  • Eight cars parked on the street this morning. Idiots. 07:29:26
  • @johnmill79: I really should start doing that. I usually don't damage other people's property but that's ridiculous. in reply to johnmill79 08:56:50
  • Found an unsecured ECU network so I don't have to play coax the connection for 30 minutes. 09:33:22
  • Sitting in my Office class. Wish it would hurry up and end. I'm hungry. 10:13:34
  • Last class of the day. Will mayve get lunch here afterword. 10:53:50
  • Professor just referred to Disability Services as "the clinic". I'll have to remember that one for later. 11:03:40
  • Waiting for the bus to go back home. 13:29:01


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