• I don't believe in original sin. For Vista, I'll make an exception. 08:11:06
  • @CrazyCatGuy: That's true. The only thing it's managed to do is be the next generation of ME. in reply to CrazyCatGuy 09:19:02
  • OK, so I've spent 4 hours screwing around with my misbehaving laptop. I'm going out this wknd and getting DVDRWs. Time for reformat & Win7. 09:22:02
  • And now, Vista tells me that my purchased, legally licensed copy of Office isn't genuine. 09:37:11
  • @AuthorRussell: What are you running on it? Vista? in reply to AuthorRussell 09:37:34
  • @tspivey: Waiting on Office 2007 to get its act together after upgrading Outlook and I'll see what happens. in reply to tspivey 09:45:28
  • Wasn't paying attention to the time and so didn't leave in time for the bus to make my 11:00 class. Can I have a restart button for today? 11:01:11
  • Just got a letter from the apt complex, if I stay on 6-mo lease rent goes to $590. 11:01:40
  • If I go mo-2-mo it's $540, and if I sign a year lease it goes up to $519. 11:02:03
  • I think I need to move. 11:02:11
  • Waiting for the bus. Nice day out today. 12:30:49
  • Test done. Meeting on Office class accessibility canceled b/c tech guy is sick. 14:11:08
  • Sitting in the plaza in front of the library having an iced coffee. 14:11:27
  • This afternoon is turning out to be much better than this morning. 14:11:43
  • And now Jaws wants to start acting up. 14:17:00
  • Going to watch the vid @blair_42 posted. Let's test ECU's bandwidth! 14:22:13
  • @hllf: God that's horribly expensive. I can't believe the market actually bears that. in reply to hllf 14:58:46
  • @hllf: I've never been to CA. Would love to see it. Are you still living there? in reply to hllf 15:10:59
  • Think I'm going to pack up and head back home. It's very nice out here but I have house work I've been putting off that needs doing. 15:26:41
  • Stopped to play with the neighbor dog on the way in. Everyone's dogs try to run up to me when I'm out and I love it. They're so adorable. 16:19:40



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