• Got a whole bunch of pretty clothes and shoes and only spent $250. Sweet! 21:02:58
  • Digest Of Events For 2009-08-10 23:55:06
  • Sort of packed, will let @thinlizzy159 reorganize if she's up to it tomorrow, LOL. 00:23:06
  • Digest Of Events For 2009-08-10 05:21:05
  • Got everything packed that will fit, and Theresa is shipping everything else. 09:42:52
  • All the dogs are sad that I'm leaving. They're sulking and taking turns being clingy. 09:59:47
  • Netbooks come in so damn handy. Don't know how I lived without it. 10:14:55
  • Leaving for the airport, will be stopping for something to eat on the way. 10:26:35
  • At Skyway Hacks. 10:43:27
  • I have been officially conquered by breakfast. 11:23:55
  • Leaving Skyway Jack's and headed to the airport. 11:46:46
  • Made it through security, now sitting at my gate waiting to board. 12:41:51
  • Have boarded and gotten situated, waiting for takeoff, see you guys on the other side. 13:09:52
  • Landed. Takeoff was delayed, flight was way overcrowded and hot, feeling tired and nauseous. 15:18:42
  • On the cart. The air circulation is nice. 15:28:49
  • Waiting on a driver for this third cart I've transferred to. 15:47:11
  • Made it to my gate, waiting to board. 16:01:01
  • Boarded, waiting to take off. 16:10:28
  • Landed in Greenville. Flew through some storms. Got luggage. Headed home. 17:45:23


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