I woke up this morning to both computers trying to force me to get Windows 10 via automatic updates.

Normally, there’s just a tooltip telling me to get Windows 10. Now, they’re getting all salesy with an upgrade now or upgrade later link, which probably should have been a button, but hey, I’m just an a11ygrunt, so what do I know.

The screen even reassures me that my hardware is compatible..

Still gonna go with nope on this one. I’m not upgrading to Windows 10 until I’m good and ready, and until this hardware isn’t involved, and until they fix their accessibility issues with Edge. Admittedly, if and when I buy a new system, I’ll have Windows 10 shoved down my throat, but until then, no.

The only way this upgrade is going to happen is if they literally make me, which is also very possible. They could sneak it in while I’m sleeping and can’t tell it to upgrade later.

Sometimes, I hate technology.



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