I’ve mentioned before that I’m a fan of the quantified self. So this afternoon, I logged into TicTrac, (which is the software I use to keep track of all the random bits of data everyone else collects on me), and was looking over things, and found that no mood data existed. This would be because I’ve never entered any. So I looked at adding some accounts to pull it from, namely MoodPanda.

The first instance of nope, because while resetting my password, I realized that the iPhone app plus the website are both inaccessible piles of crap.

Back to the drawing board. So let’s try entering manually into Tictrac.

More nope, because it looks like there are only two options: happy and unhappy. Thanks, but my mood is usually not binary. Oh well.

Then I looked at sharing my well-being project. Big nope on that score too, because no RSS feed, and no WordPress integration yet. I may look at writing a plugin to do it, because they have an API. Don’t know yet though.

Playing with post formats again, so was playing around with the Post Formats UI plugin by Crowd Favorite. Then I remembered why I quit using it. If you pick “status” you lose the title field, which would be fine, since I’m not displaying status titles anyway. But when those posts tweet out, that could become a problem, because no title, and excerpt of the post instead, which I don’t want. So, more nope. Not really a huge deal though.

I think now would be the time to go back outside.


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