It seems to me that the only thing good about Good Friday is that lots of pharmacies will be closing early, which should keep the call volume low. That’s good, because I had to deal with a roommate blaring music all night long, in the livingroom, and consequently, didn’t get much sleep. What does one do when unable to sleep? Catch up on the friends page, of course. I spent about two hours catching up on everything. Surprisingly, I actually have something good to say about work. They’ve implemented a new raise plan. In short, if you work all forty hours in a given week, and have good quality, you get a four percent raise in your salary. Not bad. At this rate, I might actually make it above $9. I think we should sue Mars Corporation for false advertising. I eat snickers bars on my breaks sometimes, and none of the great things you see in the commercials happens to me. The good thing about snickers bars is that they keep you going. That, along with caffeine, almost makes the work day bearable. Yesterday they had a hot dog sale at work for the March of Dimes. I like it when they do that, because that means I can get lunch for really cheap. They also had the company Easter egg hunt yesterday. BeingJewish, I obviously didn’t participate.I really wish they wouldn’t keep it so cold in here. I sit on the



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