I don’t mind you commenting, or anything like that in my journal. I suppose the plus side is that you get paid, even though it’s not mucyh, and there are a few intelligent people. Not very many, but a few. But, it is customer service work, and I’d hate for you to come in believing all the crap you get fed during training, although you need to make sure you remember the info. I think you guys took your final last week, so that’s probably a little late. But, for some reason, I’m not getting the comments to my entries via email, and I thought I had that set correctly. I work 10-7, so if you want to come by on your break or something, I’m the woman with two headsets, and the scarf. I guess your like or dislike of the job will depend on how much you detest stupidity, and corruption, and back stabbing. But, if you’ve been unemployed for a while, trust me, eating on a regular basis is a good enough reason not to quit the job. Hope to see you soon.