As I mentioned in my post from yesterday, my ears are playing all kinds of havoc. So much, in fact, that I was making plans to go to the doctor again to figure out what’s going on. The findings could be said to be not good. Not good at all.

First, some good news. It’s not an inner ear infection, so I can safely say it isn’t wax created from all the time I either spend on the phone or with headphones jammed on my cranium. Unfortunately, that’s where the good news stops. I have matching outer ear infections. I also have matching limphnode infections, and my jaw is stiff. So they rolled out the big boy drugs: A shot of Rocephin, with another scheduled for Friday morning; another oral antibiotic, whose name I can’t remember right now, but it’s heavy-duty, three times a day with food for the next ten days; Prednisone, two a day for two days, and then one a day for three more days; Oh, and Hydrocodone, three times a day as needed. I’ll have to get the exact dosages reread because I can’t remember them right now. And if I go in on Friday for my next shot, and things aren’t clearing up or they’re getting worse, I get to spend some time in the hospital so I can receive I.V. antibiotics.

I think, given all this, I can say I’m in some serious shit without seeming overly dramatic. I’m not hurting now, but that’s solely because of the drugs. Before I left the doctor’s office, and before I had taken anything other than the shot of antibiotics, I wanted to rip my own face off it hurt so badly. I think I’ve earned the right to officially refer to myself as mansick. And I think I’m going to be seriously germaphobic for a while after this. I have no idea where I got it. I went to Toastmasters last week and I was fine, and everything started going south by Friday morning.

I haven’t decided if things are pleasantly hazy or just hazy. I think I talked to my sister earlier, but I can’t remember what I said or what she said. I think it was quick though. As I mentioned, things don’t really hurt now, but I can’t feel my face, so I’m sure I’m sporting some interesting facial expressions. I really hope this clears up without a trip to the hospital, because I really can’t afford that right now. I’ve already spent more than I should on meds and doctor’s copays, which in and of themselves aren’t expensive, it’s just that they keep adding up. I would also like to get back to working. But we’ll see what happens and hope and pray for the best.

Until next time, hopefully on the other side of this, or at least close to escaping from the labyrinth.



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