Read Meghan McCain Defends Trump’s ‘Chinese Virus’ Racism, Claims ‘It’s Effective!’ by Justin Baragona

“I don’t have a problem with people calling it whatever they want. It’s a deadly virus that did originate in Wuhan.”

Considering that there’s been a metric fuckton of anti-Asian hate crimes in the last year which has ended up at a shooting spree targeting several Asian-staffed massage parlors, yeah I’d say it’s been pretty damn effective! Trump could have very easily made his point of blaming the Chinese government for Covid19 while making it clear that Americans of Chinese or Asian descent are absolutely not to blame. He even had a template for it from a Republican president. And yet, he didn’t do that. He chose to keep calling it the China virus even after learning that it was being used as a slur, and so did a ton of his supporters. Don’t call them racists though, it hurts their feelings. Asian-Americans have asked, time and time again, politely, for Donald Trump and his supporters to stop using that slur because it’s resulting in their being harassed and otherwise attacked. They haven’t protested. They haven’t resorted to violence. They haven’t done any of the things that supposedly trigger the “salt of the earth working class” in this country which are supposedly the reason why said salt of the earth refuses to give an inch to African-Americans when it comes to the conduct of cops. Asian-Americans have done *everything* Trump supporters claim needs to be in place in order to get them to listen, and yet they’re not. And we have Megan going “Well, if the left insists on this Trump will win again” because good God don’t expect Trump supporters to not say something they know by now is a slur. That’ll trigger the poor dears too. But fuck your feelings or something.


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