John got me a new pair of hiking/work boots and a good knife for my birthday. The boots have awesome ankle support, which means I should twist my ankles less often, and I am happy about this. I’ll have to break the boots in of course, but I don’t mind this.

So now we have matching boots as far as type, but not color. They’re Wolverine steel-toed durable kind, and mine are black and tan with some pink. His obviously don’t have any pink.

We also have matching knives. They’re K-bar 1211s complete with sheathes.

John’s was sitting on the coffee table, and his brother came over with another person. I think we made his brother a little nervous. Even more so when he picked it up and took the knife out of the sheath, because it’s got about an 8-inch blade that’s very sharp. I derived more than zero amusement from this, but then, I can’t say I don’t enjoy making sighted people nervous. I suppose that’s at least slightly anti-social, but my mom as well as multiple members of the WordPress community have survived years of it and they’re pretty good sports, so everybody else should be fine.



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