Watched “Troy: Fall of a City” Siege from

The Spartans begin their embargo to starve Troy of supplies and Paris joins the workmen digging to find water before setting out with Hector and a group
to get help. One of the men is captured and killed after telling Menelaus that Helen has married Paris. Hector Paris reach a prospective ally who tells
Hector he must kill Paris but the gods intervene and the pair return to Troy. Helen endears herself to the Trojans by giving the citizens her food but
still faces mistrust and lustfulness from certain quarters.

I can’t be the only person who has watched this series and thinks Paris should have just taken the opportunity to leave, or send Hellen back, or just do what he’s told in general. It would be interesting for someone to write a book or do a tV series or movie exploring what would have happened if Troy would have won.


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