This 404 joke regarding Trump’s COVID plan is funny, but also, note the accessible slide show.

The Biden campaign could have just gone with WordPress out of the box, and, when anyone said something about inaccessibility, not taken responsibility for it.

This is what the Trump campaign has done, every time they vomit out a new website. The Trump administration spent $3,000,000 on a WordPress website for the Whitehouse, and couldn’t manage to make it accessible. Hasn’t even tried. Every time the Trump campaign vomits up a new website, same deal.

The Biden campaign throws up a joke website, and takes the time to make that joke website accessible including an accessible slider. That’s one of the hardest components to make accessible on the web, and yet they did it. So everyone can enjoy the joke.

The Trump campaign thinks it’s funny when they mock Biden’s stutter, and they thought it was funny when Trump mocked a reporter with disabilities in 2016.

So yeah, I’m voting for Biden, despite the fact I’ll inevitably disagree with at least some of his decisions, because Biden makes his jokes accessible to people with disabilities so we can enjoy them like everyone else, while Trump and his campaign thinks people with disabilities are the joke.


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