Read Jeffrey Toobin and the m-word: Let’s be honest about what makes this scandal so scandalous by Jonathan Zimmerman
Um, actually the scandal here is the fact that he masturbated on a work call in front of his coworkers and didn’t give them a choice about whether or not they wanted to participate. That’s it. That’s the fucking tweet.

Well, that and the fact that this author wants to just set aside Jeffrey Toobin’s, uh, history in order to try to make this whole thing look like no big deal and then shift everything over to “you’re just mad because you have hang-ups about masturbation and you really should lighten up”.

Jeffrey Toobin will absolutely keep his job, and his reputation, and all the rest of his social capital, and probably even write a book about how he’s been so oppressed because people were mean to him on social media.

That’s also the scandal. Not our mockery or lack of compassion, and not our supposed hang-ups about masturbation.


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