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@bix I think the hard thing for me with FB is that so much of my family use it, if I leave, I won’t know what’s going on with anyone. I miss the days when people would send personal email rather than posting to an FB timeline.

@bix @SteveSawczyn I’m in the same position as steve. I hate Facebook with every fiber of my being, and am trying to get friends and family to come over to if they can’t or don’t want to build their own stuff, but they’re not leaving in droves, and they post all the happenings on their Facebook. I’m trying to decide whether or not I want to put an email address on my personal site. Part of me says “do this and then go to Facebook and tell people to contact by email, I’m out,” and delete everything, and part of me says “Oh no if I do that the spam will never end.”


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