Read Twitter refuses to unlock New York Post account unless Hunter Biden posts deleted by Audrey Conklin

Twitter “has refused” to give the New York Post access to its account unless it deletes 6 tweets.

Both the New York Post and Fox know damn good and well exactly how section 230 works, and that they enjoy the same protections as Twitter and Facebook. But by all means guys keep playing the victim and going for that martyr’s crown for clicks. Keep insisting you have some sort of right to have Twitter and Facebook host your stuff in order to deliberately mislead your readers while at the same time exercising your sec. 230 privileges by not publishing every liberal response to your stuff on your sites.

At this point, I think these people should be given everything they ask for. No more Sec. 230. And they should also be given every opportunity to enjoy all of the consequences of their actions to the utmost extent. Have fun on an internet with no spam filtering, because moderation, along with liability for all the user comments you’re no longer allowed to decide you’re not publishing.


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