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At this rate, I expect Apple’s next “innovation” will be a pop-up hand flipping us off when we open the box. And for $400 extra, it’ll slap you.

Yeah, it would be nice if they would just tell us they’re flipping us off and get it over with, because I hate pretending.

At the risk of launching into an incredibly long rant, Apple is a company I hate to love.

They’re great at accessibility, except when they’re not, like when they let VoiceOver bugs just languish for years and years, or introduce new ones that somehow never end up getting fixed. Right now my bugbear is one where VoiceOver just randomly puts you back at the top of a screen when you’re trying to read something/press a button/whatever.

At first I thought it was the particular app I was working with, and was going to write the developers a bug report in the hope that I’d get some other response than “We’ll see what we can do,” which is polite speak for “Yeah we don’t have accessibility on our roadmap and probably won’t until we are literally forced to”.

And then, I jumped into the settings on my phone to update some stuff for my Apple ID, and, oh look! It does the same thing there!

I’m confident that other people have seen this and that other people have reported it through official channels because there are tons of people who run iOS betas because they have to have the latest stuff, and even a few within that bunch who actually do take the time to properly report bugs with necessary details.

(Waving at you Marco).

So yeah, if they’re going to do all the work to flip us off, just tell us already and get it over with.

Oops, the rant happened.


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