ReadReading: John Grisham 2 Vol. Boxed Set (The Firm, A Time to Kill) by John Grisham

Contains “The Firm” and “A Time to Kill”

Here’s an experiencial example of why Goodreads sucks. At least from the app, I couldn’t find standalone copies of either The Firm or A Time To Kill, just this boxed set and a few other boxed sets. Don’t get me wrong. Boxed sets are great, but it wasn’t what I was looking for. But I suppose I’m reading The Firm after A Time To Kill. The Firm is a book I really like, but I don’t think I appreciate a service like Goodreads, which theoretically has access to and control of the largest book database in the world and which we are all to one extent or another beholdent to, forcing the issue of my next read.


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