Read Why Goodreads is bad for books by SARAH MANAVIS (New Statesman)

After years of complaints from users, Goodreads’ reign over the world of book talk might be coming to an end.

Sarah’s right. Goodreads sucks. I use it for two things: Tracking the number of books I’ve read in any given year, and the number of pages read in any given year. If I could figure out the pages part of the stats I’d quit using it. I think I can pull off number of books read in a year.

Right now I have an IFTTT webhook recipe pulling in the data from Goodreads, but the markup is so disgusting that I have to essentially save the post as draft and then update it in order to clean it up. I think I have 200-something drafts that need to be cleaned up right now. If anyone in the Indieweb community has come up with a way to track the stats part, I’ll drop Goodreads with a quickness.



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