Hi Amanda

It seams this is the first time that you are dealing with such blind drama, and the post is worst since it causes to be the worst drama ever.

Also: it seams you want Ramon and his friends to continue harassing you instead of stopping it by removing those posts.

note that I’m ain’t defending him neither his some of his friends, but Ivan is one of my friends, and you included him in your stupid post which isn’t nice actually.

I’ll help him, ramon and his friends to report you, also my queen is gonna do that too, I mean my partner beth

I actually delt with those drama, normaly: by improving my experience in social networks instead of reporting, cause I reported one person and was gonna tirned to be a faulse report but I’ve found a proof, and as you know: reporting people isn’t easy unless if have a lot of proof.

I talked to Ramon about this topic, also I’ve looked at his tweets and actually he might be right if he doesn’t have time for that, cause Ramon Salazar isn’t free most of the times.

I told Ramon to stop contacting you but he said that until you remove the posts He’ll.

If Ramon annoying you by creating accounts in Twitter, Facebook or other social networks: why don’t you improve your experiance in them instead of reporting?

Like you can mute a user by clicking mute, you can block him, or even you can set your account in Twitter to privat if he continuing creating accounts, also you can set only followers to send messages, you don’t have to report him or posting some shit and lies about him.
BTW: also reports can’t be public, you are posting what you are doing and actually it helps to tirn out to a faulse report, cause this post can be a proof for Ramon’s report.

These A lot of experience you can improve, also one of the social skill to deal against these kind of drama instead of reporting and waiting for more years.

for your info: Ramon uses such software in linux and a service to spoof IPV4 addresses, so the locations he choses sounds like he’s living in another countrie.

Also: it’s very hard to track those spoofed IPS unless if you knew which services, though there are many software and services for linux to do that.

He even didn’t tell me the name of them, also he spoofed an israely IP, the ISP of it was Triple Cloud, I’ve checked it since I didn’t believe, I thought he’s really using a VPN.

But I discovered he used google to look for israely IP ranges since he mistakenly rooted his speech.

Anyway: The post never stays up, and BTW that contains that you are gonna Ddos him which is totally against the law if Ramon and his 7 friends reported you, also plus Phoenix 1208 team, a total of 21.

So: get ready for scary jail, or safely removed the post.

You won’t dream of legal actions, cause your report might be a fauls report and you’ll be in jail the hole year, or even more depends on state laws