Update: the bullshit continues. Now one of the other misfit toys is involved and poor Ivan is mad that his account handles were published.

Ivan Soto
(Email address and IP address redacted, for now)
Why are you mad when ramon taught you a social skill, you were teaching him also though
Also why did you publish my 2 previusly owned accounts?
BTW: Please delete this post if you don’t wanna be punished, according to a dream which ramon dreamt.

And there’s yet another:

(email address and IP address redacted, for now)
Hey Amanda
I suggest you remove this post, it isn’t nice to write this way about my friend in your website, cause he doesn’t like what you did, at the same time you
are letting ramon to continue this without you even know that
Also: He told me everything about what happened, when I looked at his tweets, and what he wrote is true, and good that you quoted here
this is actually a social skill, blocking because you don’t have a responce isn’t a good idea, at least you might think of an answer.
Also: My Friend dreamt of a god and he told me that if this post is removed god won’t punish you in this world, also I told Ramon not to contact you after
the removal of this post.
you have 72 hours to remove this post, if you didn’t remove it with in 72 hours I’ll take actions against you and I might report you to the federal authorities.

The post stays up. If Ivan didn’t want his secret accounts made public he should have thought about that before he handed them to his little buddy to use as part of a targeted harassment campaign. The accounts have also been reported as being used as part of said campaign, (0171558765 and 0171987816 for reference). They’re also now properly linked in case anyone else these little shitbirds has decided to fuck with also has had enough and wants to report.

Now I’ll just pop some popcorn and wait for the sweet sweet divine retribution I’ve been promised. Oh and that super scarry legal action.



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