.@RamonSalazar_95 @showing_truth @Asemitic2 @PistachioNut2 @BooksRetweets @RSOfficial1995 TheRealSocialS1 This is the 7th account you’ve created in order to get around a block. I will continue to block you until you run out of junk email addresses and have begun reporting all of your accounts because we are so far past having any kind of discussion.


  • Why are you mad when ramon taught you a social skill, you were teaching him also though

    Also why did you publish my 2 previusly owned accounts?

    BTW: Please delete this post if you don’t wanna be punished, according to a dream which ramon dreamt.

  • Hey Amanda

    I suggest you remove this post, it isn’t nice to write this way about my friend in your website, cause he doesn’t like what you did, at the same time you are letting ramon to continue this without you even know that

    Also: He told me everything about what happened, when I looked at his tweets, and what he wrote is true, and good that you quoted here

    this is actually a social skill, blocking because you don’t have a responce isn’t a good idea, at least you might think of an answer.

    Also: My Friend dreamt of a god and he told me that if this post is removed god won’t punish you in this world, also I told Ramon not to contact you after the removal of this post.

    you have 72 hours to remove this post, if you didn’t remove it with in 72 hours I’ll take actions against you and I might report you to the federal authorities.

  • I agree with Djleks and Ivan

    So Amanda: what’s the point of posting this?

    We all are now 21 and many people know the truth about you that you can’t deel with such a little blind drama

    also: you don’t have to post such things, even if he hasmany accounts you can block him, or even by reporting, but not this way by posting and letting everyone see that stupid post.

    • I won’t tolerate blind drama. The fact that you guys have nothing better to do with your time is not my problem. Don’t like your stuff being published? Think about that next time before you decide to have a little fun online.


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