Read Wake Up America, and Smell the Anti-Semitism by Eve Barlow

Americans of all races and political outlooks revile and attack Jews with unprecedented glee, while American Jews would rather talk about anything else

I agree with this article, except for the part where the right-wing anti-semitism is on the fringe. Trump didn’t praise Henry Ford’s great bloodlines from somebody’s basement. He hasn’t done or said any of his other anti-semitic shit from the basement either. And the reason Jews in the US don’t want to talk about anti-semitism is because every single Goddamn time we get “yeah maybe that’s bad but the other side is worse” from whoever we’re talking to and quite frankly it’s exhausting and we’d really appreciate it if everybody would quit making excuses for their side’s anti-semites and just recognize and acknowledge that the call is coming from inside the house and then help do something about it.



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