You’d think they’d be nice to the guy, since he has a camera. There’s only so far you can take stupid, and this is apparently what happens when you stretch the limit. I sincerely hope this reporter doesn’t lose his job over his outburst. I also hope he had a better day afterwords.

Of course this doesn’t include electronics, but for packing just the clothes, definitely useful, and not just for month-long trips. I’m going to try this when packing for my next one. Via Lifebuzz:

This video has no description, but the trick is rolling up your clothes. I think I remember my Uncle Chris doing this when he packed to go into the field when he was in the military. You’ll need to make sure there’s an iron available at your destination, and I’m not sure I’d recommend this for expensive suits. But for the casual, it would be fine. This will work for shirts, pants/skirts, socks, basically everything but any article of clothing that includes its own support mechanism. So basically, if you’re a guy, this is perfect. 🙂

Last Friday, Wil, Denise, Monica Moen and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch, where Wil completed the Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin Challenge, and not only that, but did it with seven seconds to spare. Very awesome. And I’m in the video too, where I managed to guzzle most of a 25-ounce Bud Lite. Enjoy.