• 02:20:19: Digest Of Events For 2009-08-29 http://tinyurl.com/l2gkrl
  • 07:25:38: Having problems with TWInbox, so switching clients.
  • 07:32:29: Doing laundry, plan to spend today straightening up the place and catching up on reading for classes.
  • 07:53:01: Dear Windows. I’m sure you’d love to install IE8, but it’s not going to happen so give it up. Kthxby.
  • 17:33:10: @darrell: I’ve played with IE8 a little, but there are some websites i visit that still don’t work with it yet.
  • 17:33:49: @Dishnut: I think I left my coolade syringe back in my last lab. Grin.
  • 17:46:44: @RicksterTheGeek: Admittedly, no. Might be something worth trying.
  • 17:56:49: @RicksterTheGeek I’ll install IE8 on my Vista machine and see how compatibility mode works.

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