#BlogElul 5779 is coming to a close, and it’s time to start preparing for the approaching year, 5780. This is my favorite time of the Jewish year for a lot of reasons, and I appreciate the fact that, (unlike the secular year), the Jewish year provides a month of preparation time to think about what happened and how we acted during the previous year and the improvements to our character we want to make in the ecoming year.

As in other years, I’m going to attempt to participate in #BlogElul, a journaling project that has existed since 2010 and which has spread beyond blogs and is now part of social media during this time of year. There are daily prompts for the whole month, and I expect my musings on these to be more stream-of-consciousness than anything else, because while the prompts consist of only one word, those single words can mean a lot of things.

I’m also looking forward to reading everyone’s posts and pondering those. This is the second day, so I already have some catching up to do, but this should be very enlightening.



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