It’s finally Friday! Current status: Trying to find an online version of the manual for this coffee maker that isn’t full of icons/graphics and just spells out the names for the buttons instead. This thing has a bunch of buttons on it, and I know which one turns it on and off, but it’s set to brew the first third of the pot, and then wait thirty minutes between the next two thirds, and I’d like it to brew the whole pot at once and then continue to keep it hot. I figured RTFM was my best shot.


  • I’ve never tried this but heard a tip recently that might help. Apparently, sometimes if you can find an EPUb version of the manual, you can look at the HTML source and see where they link the images. Sometimes the image names apparently match the buttons but have a null alt attribute. If you replace that empty alt with the name they should have provided in the first place, then you can read the manual. Yeah it’s a pain, but apparently not super difficult if you can use search and replace. Then again, if you haven’t made coffee yet, that task might be exponentially harder.


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