Me, after the windows have been open for a few minutes: “Something smells good coming in here. It’s probably the drier.” The Sweety: “Na, I farted.” This is how you win Friday night, I’m still laughing. Shabbat shalom y’all.

Since I have to re-add tabs to the browser, I’ve decided gets the first spot this time. I’ll be taking a good hard look at what gets launched at startup. Maybe I’ll leave some of them off. I’m still deciding. For right now, an ice cold root beer is in order.

Sooooooooo……. Firefox updated, and after the updates were finished, all my tabs are gone. How’s your Friday going? I’m going to be so glad when this day is finally over. The universe has been telling me all day I should not be working and it’s apparently hell-bent on forcing the issue. I may take Monday off as well since I didn’t get this past Monday off. Only two more hours left.

I re-added my main feed so I could continue using Icro to post to It apparently does not work if you add a single post kind feed. Having to load the mobile version of the ad new post screen from my WordPress it’s just a little bit too much work. I like to be able to compose a note quickly on my phone without having to navigate through a bunch of headings and buttons and check boxes. I’m not sure how all of the other post will show up, like chickens, but do not have a title, on Twitter, but I guess we will figure this out. I don’t post very much, so this shouldn’t become a real issue. Not chickens, check ends. God, dictation on the iPhone still sucks. Now I am tempted to go create a chicken post kind, just for laughs.