I am about to sign off for a few days to observe the first two days of Pesach (Passover). I would like to wish my Christian friends and family a joyous and meaningful Easter holiday, and the rest of you a good weekend. In Jewish tradition, Pesach is the beginning of a fifty-day period in which we first remove all leaven from our homes and hearts, and then, during the forty-nine days after the end of the festival, spend time strengthening our positive character traits. We first inventory the parts of our character we need to work on, and then begin the work, all of which culminates in the re-acceptance of the Torah at the festival of Shavuot, (Weeks), on the fiftieth day. this is similar to the last month of the year and the High Holy Days which come after, but misses the element of the heavenly court, and so is less frought I think. For myself, I hope for a successful character inventory and the strength and honesty to work on what’s good about it and to refine what’s not good. For you all, I hope and pray for freedom from what holds you back physically and with regard to your lives and your relationships, and, if you desire it, freedom from what holds you back spiritually. See you on the other side of the next two days.


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