I managed to get in 30 minutes on the bike today. It looks like I will actually make my 600 points, and will be on track for my challenges this week. I am definitely looking forward to my planned break from challenges though. Also, the Minnesota Twins apparently think they are playing a football game instead of a baseball game, because they are beating the ever living crap out of Indians like it’s going out of style. Oh well, better luck next time, Indians.

921 S Pugh St, State College, PA 16801(1086ft)

37 °F Mostly Cloudy and Windy

Just a quick test after re-entering my information for my website into Icro’s WordPress posting set up. For some reason, posting to WordPress stopped working, and I’m trying to troubleshoot what the problem is. In other news, I managed to complete 30 minutes on the bike, and will likely make my 600 points for today.

Just a quick test. I attempted to publish a post using my phone on Friday, but apparently it did not publish. There was some router configuration going on at the time, so it’s very possible but it did not post because I was writing it at the same time the configuration was happening. Better luck this time, I suppose.

Yesterday I really struggled to both achieve my exercise goals and earn the six hundred points for my Apple Watch competitions. Today I am struggling with these as well. I have been under the weather this weekend plus going balls to the wall for the last sixteen days at least so after these competitions are over on Wednesday I am going to work just hard enough to close all the rings on my watch and that’s it for at least a week. It was 69 degrees here yesterday and I had all the windows open and it was great. Today it’s 39F and it’s supposed to drop from there so for today only the kitchen window is open.

Guess who starved their Apple Watch to death during a workout today? That’s right kids, me! So I had to charge it in order to get my last couple of stands and my last two workouts in in order to achieve my 600 points for my Apple Watch competitions. I had most of it knocked out by 10 o’clock this morning though. I will probably do the same thing again tomorrow.

This week I learned that, in order to receive credit for excercise minutes when you engage in an indoor walk, you first have to calibrate your Apple Watch using the Outdoor Walk workout while outside with good GPS reception. I have not done this, so the Apple Watch did not give me credit for the fifteen thousand steps I took on Tuesday, nor the thirty-minute indoor walk I did yesterday. I am participating in three challenges this week, so this matters a great deal. To make up for this, I spent forty-six minutes on the bike yesterday and today. Denise has joined the fray, and now has an Apple Watch, and she is one of my coompetitors this week. I plan to go out at some point to calibrate the watch, but I was still pretty pissed when I realized I wasn’t getting exercise minutes credit. I’ve already done my workout for today, so all I have to do is concentrate on filling up the move ring. Right now though I’m contemplating lunch.