This is worth a read for several reasons. First, for me at least, this is definitely “Essence of Convergys” material. Granted, we weren’t moderating content, just people’s prescriptions and who could get them, or rather, we were responsible for telling people whether or not judgment had been handed down in their favor or not. Second, I saw this on Twitter, and the general reaction I’m seeing is concern over moderators adopting misinformation and conspiracy theories, and nothing about what clearly is the toll being taken on them as people. I think that’s rather dehumanizing. The final thing that comes to mind is the complete disregard by the “anti-deplatforming” crowd, who dehumanize these people just as easily as the “misinformation” crowd, except in the latter case the dehumanization occurs because it’s far too easy to attribute malice to these people than to recognize that moderation is a very difficult job and God forbid you moderate something I approve of on a platform I don’t own.
Read The secret lives of Facebook moderators in America by Casey Newton (The Verge)
"I’m fucked up."


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