Read: “Goodbye Facebook, Goodbye Google+” by Ryan Barrett.

I find myself in the same position as Ryan with regard to Facebook. It’s where all my (biological) family are and a ton of my chosen family, and to add to that, there are work-related reasons why I need to maintain an account. My posting there is pretty rare, and I’m trying to get to the point where I’m posting only links to my own site with my thoughts, as opposed to native status updates and photos. The native updates tend to garner more engagement, but at this point that engagement serves as a reminder of the inferiority, (at least inn my eyes), of only being able to engage on one platform with people who have accounts on that platform. We don’t really have a catchphrase for the concept of “Once you discover the joys and even fulfillment of widening your circcle of engagement to the entire open web instead of just silos, you never go back”, but I think we need one, because that’s the position I find myself in. With Twitter and, I can pull in replies and other interactions. With Mastodon, I can’t pull in replies and other interactions yet, but it’s still decentralized which lessens the sting a bit, although I’m getting to the point where I really want to crack that nut. With Facebook, it’s either Facebook’s way or the highway and I really, really don’t like that. At all. Twitter also bothers me, although I suppose not as much as Facebook, but eve if it did, I still find myself in a position where I at least need to maintain some sort of presence. It’s a lot easier to handle posting only links from my own sites to Twitter though because this step is automated. I think that’s the part of Facebook’s changes that has impacted me the most: Not being able to (1) automate publishing, and then (2) pull the conversation back in.
Read Goodbye Facebook, Goodbye Google+ by Ryan BarrettRyan Barrett (SNARFED.ORG) I deleted all of my Facebook posts last week. I deleted my Google+ posts too. They were pretty much all posted here on my web site too, so nothing was truly lost, but I still feel a bit lighter, somehow.


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