New Year, Participatory Challenges, And Some Goals

We’ve pretty much finished with the holiday season, and lots of us are thinking about both the year ahead, as well as the prospect of going back to work or at least resuming normal life in the next day or two. I’m going to squeeze in one more day of some kind of break, since last week did have some work days in it, and I’m really not mentally ready to go back to full time full speed ahead yet. This month, along with doing the next chapter of my yearly book reading challenge, I’m participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I decided to participate because one of my goals for this year is to spend more time working on content for my sites instead of pouring content into social media platforms I don’t own. I think social media can be valuable, but far too often it provides us an excuse to be toxic toward each other and I want to do my part to decrease that a little less. I haven’t picked my phone up off the nightstand yet but I’m seriously considering removing any Twitter apps from my phone. Facebook is already gone and I really haven’t missed it that much. I can use Twitter on the desktop to find links for later reading, which I’ll start saving to my own websites as bookmarks. this was a goal I had for last year but I never got around to actually implementing it, so I’m keeping it for this year. Of course there’s the obligatory “do better when it comes to health/weight” goal that I think most of us start with, and that’s also part of my list, but for a slightly different reason. I haven’t set a weight-loss goal I think is unattainable, but at least for theh last month I’ve pretty much eaten all manner of good things and now it’s time to buckle down and resume eating more healthily. I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s posts from the Ultimate Blog Challenge and commenting on the one’s I read and have something to say about. It will be fun to build new relationships, rekindle some old ones, and find new things to explore. For now, it’s time for coffee.


  • I agree with making sure to spend enough time on the websites you own. I don’t plan to have a weight loss goal this year. I have been doing Intuitive Eating, and though I have lost weight while doing it, I would love to lose more – but not by dieting. If it happens, great, but I am done with diets!

    • I am definitely not doing a diet in the commercialized sense this year. I’ve tried that before and they never work. Just making healthier choices when possible with food and getting in some regular exercise.

  • You have some great goals in place! I started a healthy eating plan last July and my goal is to continue and hopefully start a exercise routine which I just can’t seem to get going on. I do get a long of walking and stretching but I’m hoping to get more focused on a plan. My other goal is to finish my room by room re-organizing the house! Wish me luck on that one, but in the meantime, I’m enjoying blogging and all the bloggers I meet.

    • To be honest, for me, it took making some customizations to this blog, including the writing flow, in order to make owning my own content a little more feasible. I haven’t looked at your post for today yet so I don’t know what you’re using to blog with but I’ve already got a lengthy tutorial in the works for WordPress to set this all up from start to finish, and would be glad to document other platforms to the extent they can be used to do this as well.

  • Love your goal of cutting back on social media or at least changing the way you use social media. The reading challenge is right down my alley to. Looking forward to follow along.

    • I’m so glad to see that others are agreeing with the “Post On Your Own Site Syndicate Elsewhere” (POSSE) principle. I should update this post with some relevant links.

  • You’ve got some great goals. Very inspirational. One of my goals is to make a granny square every day! That will amount to 365 squares by the end of the year! I’m going to use scrap yarn for that, so I will make several modern art afghans!

  • Love the idea of cutting back on social media. I can’t completely cut FB and Twitter out of my life, but I can definitely check it less often. Looking forward to reading more about you. Visiting from UBC.

  • Good luck on your 2019 goals! I really haven’t set any concrete goals for myself other than just to make this year better than the last. You’ve got some inspirational ideas, though, that I look forward to incorporating into my own path to betterment this year.

  • You have some great goals. I don’t like doing things on my phone so I don’t have twitter on it. I do have Facebook, because I can read the posts and links while I’m riding my bike. Otherwise I prefer my computer for those activities. Looking forward to reading about what you’re reading.

  • Great goals! I agree with you about Social Media, it can be time consuming and causes stress. Although necessary to promote your work. The best for you this New Year!



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