Current status: Reading the just-released national cyber strategy document by the White House, and rereading executive order 13800, which it depends on. So far, lots of heat and very little light. It’s very clear that whoever is advising the president on how this stuff works does not have a clue about how any of this works, which means that any good intentions which may be present will be canceled by the fact that everyone involved is operating in the dark. I have no idea who could possibly be advising on this, because as of May 15 of this year we no longer have a cyber security coordinator. If it’s Rudy Giuliani we are well and truly fucked in this arena.
The NFB is not a relief organization, and yet, it’s using Hurricane Florence as a leverage point to ask for donations. This is disgusting on its own, and made even more so by the fact that the NFB is already sitting on tons of cash. It’s shit like this that makes people hate you. If Mark Riccabono wants to help with Florence relief, he can start by being less of a smarmy little shit, eat a few less steaks and drink a little less wine, and donate what he saves to actual relief organizations.
Dear Mr. President: Just watched your Florence statement video. As these things go for you, this is good. Compared to the rest of the shit you’ve publicly spouted, it’s amazing, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. For this at least, you earn no verbal rocks from me. I still think every one of your policies ranges from just plain dumb to absolutely deplorable, and I’m still never voting for you. But words matter, and in this instance, I think you did the best you could as far as these things go, so thank you. Don’t make me regret this by screwing it up somehow.
Hey everybody I know it’s not micro Monday, but FF @Darrell8657 he’s new and just getting started.
Relay number in NC for deaf people, since 211 can’t be used directly with relay: 1-888-892-1162. If you’re not deaf and you know someone who is and who is also located in NC, pass this along.