OK, so apparently it really wants something along with excerpt, like tags or permalink, not just excerpt, given the elypse contained in brackets. all righty then.
If this works correctly, I can now automatically syndicate to Twitter, Micro.blog, and Mastodon. Just need to work on convereting Mastodon replies, boosts and favorites to webmention replies, reposts, and likes. Facebook is the only off-limits platform.
OK now the Apple Watch is prompting me to breathe deeply for a minute. Wondering when it’s just going to do the thing properly and start reminding me to take regular shits.
Ug my mom is sharing inspiration porn on the Facebook again and tagging me in it. I want to hurl.
Spending some time working on the odds-and-ends tasks that I previously put off due to the condition of the old computer, otherwise known as clearing the backlog of tedious administrative tasks too frustrating to try to get done with a browser which fell over whenever possible.
I’ve found a few more significant bugs related to lists in TWBlue and am about to go file some issues on the repo. This is how it begins. God help me, this is how it begins.
Update: The Trump Google thing just got infinitely stupider. Conservative media really needs to spend some time learning how search engines work before lodging discrimination complaints, because it’s painfully obvious from the PJ Media article that it doesn’t have a clue. You don’t get to not do the search engine optimization work, and then play the discrimination card when you don’t get the results you want when googling yourselves.
I’ve had a lot of critical things to say about Twitter lately, but right now tech twitter is tearing Donald Trump apart for proudly demonstrating his complete lack of understanding of how Google works and I am here for every minute of this. I’m laughing so hard I can’t breathe.
I’m getting so used to composing with micro.blog in mind as my primary syndication and hangout spot that trying to fit a complete and substantive thought into 280 characters for Twitter is becoming quite a hassle and almost not worth the effort.
That time you search through all the posts on your site because you know you complained about Spotify’s suggestion algo when you have a playlist on shuffle and it something lame, and you know @jage9 told you how to fix it in a Twitter reply that came back as a webmention.