Phrases that will always be applicable as long as we have social media: “That’s enough internet for you today”, and “Don’t read the comments”.

Grant, Hashem our God, that we lie down in peace, and that we rise again, O our King, to life. Spread over us Your shelter of peace, and direct us with Your own counsel. Save us for Your sake; … remove from us sword and famine and grief …

–Ma’ariv prayer, Hashkivenu.

Aw yeah Twitter to RSS is now working. Next: Facebook to RSS.
Dear Twitter: Rate limit exceeded, my ass. I will consume my social feeds in my RSS reader if it’s the last thing I do.
Friendly reminder that sliders suck, there’s a fair amount of data to back that assertion, and you really shouldn’t use them unless you absolutely have to. By “have to”, I mean when they serve the stated goals of your site, which is almost never.
Dear blind people who willingly and enthusiastically assisted the law firms conducting so-called drive-by accessibility lawsuits, just so you could make a little extra cash. I hope you enjoyed the gravy train, because you have helped imperil all our civil rights as a result. Thanks for a ton of nothing. You’d better hope HR620 doesn’t pass the senate. And if it passes the senate, you’d better hope that Donald Trump decides not to sign it. If it gets to the president, I’m not holding my breath. The Trump Organization has been sued eight different times over ADA violations. So, I hope those $1,000 checks you got per settlement you participated in were worth it.
If that New York politician is correct, and Tide Pods are just like gummy bears, then I shouldn’t have been able to resist eating them as I selected one to put in the washing machine with my last blanket. Spoiler alert: I did.
Nothing says “lovin” like the “do not disturb” feature on my phone.