My kingdon for blind people not starting a podcast that has something to do with tech. God I am tired of blind people and podcasts to do with tech. There are other subjects in the world FFS, and it would be nice to see educated blind people talking about something other than tech.
Wil and Denise have not seen “The Princess Bride”. I must fix this. It is imperative that I fix this.
Dear blindness organizations. Quit asking web folk for spec and free work. You may not have large budgets in some cases, but you have budgets. You’d never dream of asking for a free copy of Jaws, so what makes you think that asking for free design or development work is OK?
People adding special characters to filenames and then wanting them linked on their websites? Wolves. People adding spaces to filenames and then wanting them linked on their websites? That’s right, wolves.
It looks like the Android V. iOS wars are popping up in the blind community again, so here’s my take. I love free (libre) open source software. I truly do. But free is not automatically better than proprietary,and with regard to iOS V. Android, accessibility is not subjective. We have standards by which to measure the accessibility or lack thereof of software, and while Android has improved, it is not yet at the same level of accessibility as iOS is. While there are some details of accessibility which are subjective, accessibility as a whole as it pertains to the removal of barriers faced by people with disabilities when using software and websites is not subjective. It doesn’t mean different things to different people. As of right now, Android’s accessibility continues to lag behind the accessibility of iOS, and Android users who insist on saying otherwise are fooling themselves.
I’ve taken ownership of my RSS feed reading by installing PressForward on my personal site and importing all feeds from my reader. Next step: Taking control of bookmarking. Attempting to see if I can get a feed of my Pocket content.
All right Spotify, let’s get something straight. If I choose one of my playlists that I’ve curated, and hit shuffle on it, you don’t get to insert your Goddamn music discovery algorithm into it. Leave my music alone.
Dear NFB: Using the government shutdown as a marketing opportunity for your Washington seminar is disgusting. People who work every day to serve this country, often without acknowledgement, have missed a day’s pay and have had to deal with the added stress of not knowing how they were going to keep their families fed or the lights on. And you choose this as a gimmick? You couldn’t possibly sink any lower.
Pocket’s implementation of ReCAPTCHA is downright hostile to people with disabilities.