It’s not even 10AM and I’ve already had my fill of inspirational quotes from the Internets for today.
Really enjoying this book on the WordPress rest API. Also, testing something.
Shutting everything down for Pesach. May everyone who’s celebrating have a joyous festival, everyone else behave, and see you in 48 hours.
Southern home stupid is going to drive me to drink. Calm down, it’s a tornado watch. No need to round up all the people with disabilities.
Cough cough I’m awake cough cough Monday’s gonna suck cough cough #Libreplanet was worth it cough cough.
Dear blind people chearing on the defunding of the National Endowment for the Arts: Can we defund NLS/Bard too? Asking for a friend.
This has been a long week, and the conference flue is in full swing, so I’m laying low this weekend.