I have determined that the best way for me to get …

I have determined that the best way for me to get work done at this stage in my life is to listen to ambient music, rather than my normal lists on Spotify. It helps keep my brain from racing. For right now I’m using the soundscapes provided by Ambient Mix, which leaves my phone free to do, well, phone things. There’s a list of ambient playlists on Spotify that my friend Tom McFarlin published sometime back, and once I find that link again, and then do the searching for those lists from the app on my phone, I’ll probably switch back to using Spotify for work things. I need to spend some more time with Spotify on the PC anyway so I can become more familiar with how the UI works.

I finished lighting for the second night of Hanuka…

I finished lighting for the second night of Hanukah, and then looked at Twitter, only to find that 2016 has seriously trolled us by taking George Michael from us … On Christmas. Really 2016? Are you serious? I mean, I wasn’t a superfan or anything, but damn. It’s like, since Carrie Fisher looked 2016 in the eye and 2016 blinked, it needed to make up for it or something. So I’m currently listening to a George Michael’s Greatest Hits playlist on Spotify, (and yeah, there’s a ton on here, including a lot of non-radio excellent stuff), while I drink a beer and plan for the week ahead.

So I’m reading the 13th Scott Harvath book, and I’…

So I’m reading the 13th Scott Harvath book, and I’ve gotten to a point where Scott Harvath is able to tell whether or not the terrorists are logging into Facebook, and what their visiting on Facebook. Come on! Facebook even when this book was written was using SSL. The entire point of SSL is to protect data while it’s in transit. That includes usernames and passwords, and it also includes what URLs (or pages in Facebook’s case), people are visiting. There’s absolutely no way this character would be able to tell whether or not some terrorists were visiting Facebook and even if you could there’s no way for him to be able to tell what Pages they are visiting, and what they’re doing on Facebook. Christ on crutches, I know research is hard and everything but this is pretty simple to find out. Google is amaze! It can help with all kinds of things! Including researching how technology works and how Facebook works. Not that Facebook is terribly awesome about privacy, but even they don’t screw up this badly.

I think it may be time to wander back out of the I…

I think it may be time to wander back out of the Indieweb rabbit hole and climb into bed. This has been a lot of fun, and tomorrow will definitely be RTFM Friday, (actually, no it won’t, because I have some emails to respond to and work to do), because I’m missing something. I’ve gotten set up with Bridgy, but still need to figure out how to merge accounts, because I have two of them. I will re-automate social sharing when I’m more awake. I need to switch plugins because it appears that Social has finally quit working as of WordPress 4.7. I’m not complaining. Hell, I got eight years out of the thing, across I don’t know how many WordPress versions. I also need to play around with changing the webmentions endpoint for this site so that Bridgy can handle them. There are extra meta boxes and I’m pretty sure I need to change it there but will do some more digging later. Oh, and I need to find out the extent of microformats in Genesis so I can add what’s not already there to this child theme and the one on customerservant.com. I also need to fix the typo in that post. Anyway, good night WordPress, and good night Indieweb, and good night IDE.
Hidden Order book cover
Hidden Order by Brad Thor
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So apparently you can’t auto-publish reviews from Goodreads to WordPress through the app, you have to do it from the website. Sad Christmas!

This is probably the darkest book in the Scott Harvath series. I haven’t finished the last three books yet, but I’m not sure that they could possibly get any darker than this one was. Spoiler alert: people die in very horrible ways in this book. I was disappointed that the Troll did not show up in this book. Scott Harvath is cool and everything, but he does not know how to internet. I suppose every hero needs a flaw, but why can’t I have one that kicks ass and knows how to Internet? I mean, come on, not everybody who is part of the nerd herd lives in their moms basement.

Apparently it’s time for me to clear my cookies again, because when I logged into the Facebook to check on a notification, it didn’t ask for username and password. Also, we need to talk about all the email you’re sending. So yeah, time to go screw around with settings. God I hate the settings screens. All of them. And the ninth circle of hell that is threaded comments on the Facebook. God, interminable “View previous comments”. God help you if a post has more than ten comments. You’ll never get out again. It’s like an infinite loop of “What the hell!”. I mean, you can get back out, if you click the logo, or if you click on the original post, which may or may not reappear, and God help you if you leave a comment and want to pick up where you left off reading. Everybody on my Facebook just start blogging and get it over with. Then we can all leave. Make webrings great again!