Thanks for hitting up my contact form, but no, I am not going to join your crazy-ass startup that’s invite only, of course.
Come eat some chemicals with me. Come eat some chemicals.
“We are back and ready for another wild alert tonight!” This is what happens when spammers use translation software.
It’s awesome when someone misconfigures their newsletter template and you can see their firstname script break.
$application has stopped working, check for a solution online or close the program. It’s too early for this shit. Why am I awake?
I am going to drink until I can’t distinguish the difference between an accessible and inaccessible website.
Aw crap that moment when you go to pour another cup of coffee, realize the pot’s empty, and have to make more.
Sometimes, having long hair is a disadvantage.
So I was having all these positive idealistic thoughts. Then I checked my email. Game over.
  • The accessibility community, for helping to make the world a better place
  • Developers, web and otherwise, for solving problems and giving us cool things to play with
  • Designers, web and otherwise, for making it all look nice
  • Support, for manning the frontlines and picking up the pieces when things go wrong,
  • Researchers, who dream the impossible and dare to think it can become the possible,
  • the security community, for making us as safe as you can given the odds,
  • And testers, who help us squash as many bugs as possible before we shove all this cool shit out the door

Without all of you, there’s a whole bunch of stuff that wouldn’t be possible. So go forth, grab Thursday by its balls and make it your bitch.