My body and brain think it’s just after 11PM while the clock says it’s after 2. Yay jetlag.
Amanda, stop thinking in your office. You’re not supposed to smoke in there. LOL #cavisocial
You know you’re a nerd when someone mentions getting something off Youtube and you go “I’ve got the wav for that.” #cavisocial
I think I may have killed my Fitbit. Look what you did, #WCSF
Getting up has been really really hard this morning.
The Giants won the World Series, so naturally, San Francisco has lost its mind. There are honking horns and screaming drunk people all over the place. Today was also the last day of my WordCamp trip, which I spent at Automattic working on WordPress and meeting a few last minute people, as well as raiding the fridge for one last beer on Matt’s dime. It was good beer too. But the fact that it was free makes it even better.

Sleep will likely be fitful tonight, because of pre-flight jitters plus drunk screaming people, and I need to keep the window open because there’s no air conditioner in this room. There is wireless though, and that’s the important thing. Gotta keep the priorities straight.

I’m sad that both baseball and WordCamp are ending at the same time. WordPress will continue unabated, but I’ll have to wait for baseball until next spring. The weather’s been nice here. It didn’t get hot until today. For the rest of the time, it’s been pleasantly cool. I’ve walked a ton, and I’ll be surprised if I’ve lost no weight. I plan on sleeping for as long as possible as soon as I get home tomorrow evening.

Today has been very full. I walked from the hotel to the conference center, which was about a thirty-minute walk. Then the talks began. Everything I saw was full of information, and I’m still trying to process it all. Taking notes is pretty much out of the question, because the talks go by so fast. So I’ll take the notes when the talks go up on WPTV. I’ve met lots of cool and interesting people, but I’ve met so many of them that everything’s a blur. There are so many of them that trying to pair voices with names with Twitter profiles is daunting. But don’t worry, you’re still all special snowflakes. 😛

I was featured in Joseph O’Connor’s lightning talk on remote user testing, so I need to recalculate how many minutes I have left in my fifteen minutes of fame. After WordCamp was over for today, I and the accessibility team (well, part of us anyway) went out for dinner, and then I stopped by the afterparty being thrown at Automattic headquarters and drank more beer. I also met more people, including dre Armeda from the dradcast, which is a podcast you should be listening to if you’re in to WordPress, beer, or both.

tomorrow, there’s a blogging track and a contributor track, and I’ll be attending a little of both like I did today with the developer track and the designer track. I’m looking forward to it.

God damn you Fitbit, I had almost 15000 steps when I plugged in my phone earlier. Now you’re telling me I only had 5000. Liar!
I walked over to the conference center this morning, and left the computer at the hotel because I knew it wouldn’t even come close to lasting the whole day on battery. It turns out that every row in both rooms where the talks are taking place has an outlet strip so that people can plug in computers to use to take notes, do social things, whatever. Consequently I will be bringing the computer and cord tomorrow.
Automattic was just greeted by an F16 as part of the World Series festivities. Flew over really low.