Denise beat me with 5049 steps to my 4536 steps. But tomorrow is another day. It’s on bitches!
Yay! Denise’s Fitbit is here! I will now have some very active competition.
Lots of spam in Cavimail this morning. Upside: I now know how to ask about ejaculation problems in Spanish.
Seriously? Seriously? Someone just recommended Office365 as a CMS on this forum. Wow.
Beer… code… beer… code… aw to hell with it, beer.
These weekly prolonged Internet outages are really getting ridiculous Comcast.
LOL from the Facebook: If Siri can’t find my missing pants, that bitch has no idea what the motherfucking fox says.
Mmmm ginger snaps and tea.
Dear God there’s a universe of laundry that has to be done.
Well, it might help if I plug the cradle in. that way the Basis will sync.