This week, I’ve experienced a coupleof small, but very important, victories in my Weight Watcher’s journey. First, I’ve gotten more activity points than I expected so far this week. On Monday, I got six, on Tuesday, I got ten, and on Wednesday, I got four. Also, I pulled out a pair of cargo pants for the first time this fall, and found that they are now too big for me. I can still wear them, but they’re very loose. This is awesome. These kinds of victories are called non-scale victories in the Weight Watchers program. But I prefer not to separate my victories, because it helps me to remember that just because a scale isn’t involved doesn’t mean there’s not a victory, and for me, separating them in to scale and non-scale creates a dichotomy where I don’t think one needs to exist.
Welcome to Fall. It’s finally hear. Yes, the equinox happened about a week ago, but now we’re starting to see some Fall weather regularly here in Augusta. This, I think, is probably my favorite season. I like Spring, because it gives us that much-needed relief from Winter. But sooner or later, it gets hot here in the south, and so Spring usually doesn’t seem to last that long, this year being an exception. And then there’s the hell we call southern summers: When the temperature’s usually 92,000 degrees, and you can hardly breathe, and there are never enough pools in sight, or enough beer to cool you down. Fall, however, is when the real fun starts. All the really cool recipies come out to play, and if you love to cook there’s all kinds of yummy experimentation to do. Oh, and pumpkins. Did I mention pumpkins? I don’t celebrate Halloween, but I love pumpkins all the same. they’re so cool. There’s so much you can do with them, and they just feel neat. And of course the warmer clothes come out. Especially the sweaters. I’m a big fan of sweaters too. They’re so warm and comfortable. The air smells so much nicer this time of year, the bees are gone, and if it gets cold enough, the mosquitoes go away too. So I think all around that Fall is a time of year I can’t go wrong in.