We were supposed to leave for the Beepball World Series early Monday morning. But someone hatched a plan and thought it would be great for Georgia pride if we scrimmage with the Columbus team at 10:0 in the morning. So we got on the road at 9 Sunday night, and will probably get in around 1:30. Then we have to get rooms, (assuming there are any open at such a late hour), crash, get up at 6 at the latest, and go play what amounts to an extra game. We originally weren’t supposed to play until Tuesday morning, which would have given us Monday to drive down and get settled. We are going to be some tired bastards by the time this week is over.
I started working out at the YMCA a couple of weeks ago. I love it. However there’s one thing I hate. Tall people. Tall people put a cramp in my style. I have to spend time readjusting everything because they’re so tall, and they make everything so hard to reach without adjustment. Yes, yes, I know, it’s not my private gym. But sometimes, I wish it was. I think every short person ought to get their own personal tall person, to do the things like reach up in the cabinets and get the crap that we can’t reach. Other than that, they should get their own stuff, and we should get our own stuff. Seriously though, I’m really enjoying working out, and I don’t really hate tall people.