OK, I’m going on record with the following:

Jerry, you are an idiot. For everyone else’s amusement, or eddification,
whichever you choose, or maybe even disgust, Jerry sold a $1100 Dectalk
Express for three cartons of cigarettes and a wireless NIC. Even if you buy
the most expensive cigarettes, and the most expensive wireless NIC, you
still aren’t even close to half the falue of a Dectalk. That has got to be
the most pathetic thing I’ve seen in a long time, with the exception of the
Convergys stuff. Come on! I know people who are in to drugs hard core that
aren’t that desperate. And it’s only cigarettes! Did you get high-grade
ones or something, or some cheap brand like basics? And you can get a
wireless NIC for about $60! And when the cigarettes are gone, then what?
Jerry, I don’t mean to disrespect you or anything, but if you’re going to
get rid of your hardware, make sure you get something at least close to
equivalent in return. YOu can’t even call what you did bartering. Some
people never figure it out.


  • If I had known he’d be selling a dectalk for that cheap . . . . .
    The question I have to ask is, how much is the average to top of the line wireless NIC card anyway?

  • The average wireless NIC goes for about 15 or 20. Top-of-the-line goes for no more than 60. If you throw the cigarettes in there, you’re taling 180 tops. He says you can get the tings on E-bay for $300 or so, but even then, you’re still selling yourself really short. And everyone knows you don’t go on the prices you’d find on E-bay, the price that matters is the retail one, and that price is $995.00.


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